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In recent years some credit comparison platforms have appeared. The processes of credit assignment have been getting faster and faster. However, only recently have appeared the first 100% online credits. In this article, we will talk to you about the benefits of online credit and also some cautions you should have.

Our payday loans near me online are here to help

We can make online payday loan online requests using this link. However, this does not mean that we are making credit online. In practice these requests have acted as a commercial “door of entry” but they do require many procedures and the involvement of people, from analysts to consultants. So we can not talk about online credit that has two major differences compared to 100% online credit. It is more expensive and takes longer.

What exactly does 100% online credit consist of?

I believe that the first financial institution to launch this type of product was Banco BNI Europa through the Puzzle brand, but new solutions in this context should appear quickly. These 100% online credit applications work in a very interesting way:

  1. We entered the site of;
  2. We fill in our information;
  3. We give access to our banking data, through a system that guarantees the total security of the process;
  4. The evaluation is done at the moment;
  5. The money is transferred to your account.

What is the advantage of these processes 100% online?

The application for 100% online credit in addition to being much faster is safe in that it is dealing directly with the financial institution. On the other hand, the fact that it does not involve more people in the process means that the bank can not charge commissions in the granting of the credit. For example, if you apply for a traditional personal credit you will pay study commission and dossier and processing fee for the installment. With these 100% online credit applications you will not pay these commissions, which will represent considerable savings, while at the same time you will be able to access the money within 24 hours of approval.


All credit application processes must have a rigorous evaluation by who makes the request. First of all, you have to try to figure out if you really need the money, or you can wait, save money, and then spend without recourse to credit. Next, you need to assess your effort rate and see if you have the ability to repay the loan. In practice, if you do not have the financial capacity you could have a serious problem in the long term.

Financial innovation can do very well for your portfolio. You can guarantee a quality service at the best price on the market. Keep in mind that the financial sector should continue to bring innovation and that it is important that you be open-minded and research the information because you are likely to save a lot of money with digital banks.

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